Plan Design & Implementation

With the best interest of your Company and employees in mind, we can tailor a plan to meet your specific goals. We specialize in designing all types of retirement plans including 401(k), profit sharing, 403(b), 457 & cash balance plans. In addition, we have extensive experience with complex plan designs such as "cross-tested" plans. 

Many factors determine which type of plan is best suited for a particular company.  A successful overall plan will achieve the company’s goals, which could include a variety of factors, such as:

  • Attracting, retaining and rewarding employees
  • Maximizing benefits for key employees
  • Proving employees with a vehicle for saving for their own retirement
  • Minimizing employer cost associated with the plan
  • Offering quality investment options

WRS will work directly with you, your investment advisor and legal advisor to determine the plan design that is best suited for your Company.  After carefully selecting the plan, we will provide comprehensive implementation services including:

  • Preparation of Plan Documents, Summary Plan Description and Administrative Forms
  • Preparation of the Request for Determination Letter on qualified status of the Plan
  • Preparation of notices to employees
  • Preparation of enrollment and beneficiary designation forms 
  • Employee educational meetings & customized enrollment  materials, when desired